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Disposal of Farm Medical Wastes - pamphlet (download here)

Biosecurity: Who is Responsible?

If you own, conduct business with or visit a livestock operation, you are responsible.

Biosecurity protocols should be part of every farm’s management plan and should include protocols for farm visitors. See Biosecurity Guide for Farm Visits

Threats to farm security can come from many sources. Intentional injury, destruction or contamination of livestock is a possibility that producers must guard against. Substances usually considered safe, such as chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and animal drugs, may be used incorrectly or indiscriminately in unsafe or harmful ways. Farm managers should secure and account for such products and report anyone acting suspiciously or wishing to obtain abnormal quantities of any substances. Read more

Farm managers must take the primary responsibility for maintaining the health of their herds and flocks. A major strategy in providing for healthy animals is biosecurity of the farming operation. The goal of biosecurity is to halt the introduction and spread of disease-causing agents. See Checklist   for guidelines in establishing a biosecurity plan or evaluating an existing program.