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Manure Composting


Composting Livestock Manure
By G. William Robb and M. Charles Gould

Considering on-farm composting? Know your rights.
By Charles Gould and and Steve Mahoney
The controlled biological decomposition of organic matter results in compost. Manure that is not managed by generally accepted compost production standards is just decomposing manure.

Visit the Agricultural Compost Marketplace website. The website is a marketing outlet for compost produced on the farm. An analysis is required to post an entry on the website. In addition to the compost listing, a list of carbon sources, links to compost publications and contact information for compost equipment manufacturers can be found.

Composting Manure Turner at MSU
A manure compost turner is a key component of a goal shared by Michigan State University manure experts, who are responsible for handling an annual output of 3 million gallons of liquid manure and 12,000 tons of solid manure and bedding produced by the university’s farms and Pavilion. Read entire article.

Regardless of the number of horses you have, composting is a good idea - One Horse or a Hundred: Composting